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Environmental Laboratory Services, Inc. (ELS) provides environmental testing and analysis services for private industry, government agencies and residential customers. ELS applies EPA Methods and other approved methods to analyze drinking water, ground water, wastewater, sediments, soil, solids, sludge, wastes and other material for concentrated levels of specified contaminants (parameters).

Industrial, commercial and municipal customers use our monitoring, testing and waste characterization services
to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Testing is required for these and other situations:

  • obtaining discharge permits,
  • supplying public drinking water,
  • closing a gas station,

Residential customers who have well-water test for a variety of reasons:

  • To proactively combat common water quality problems e.g. bacteria;
  • To satisfy requirements for a mortgage or property transfer;
  • To troubleshoot water problems such as odors or hardness.
  • and in areas where drilling for gas or oil is permitted, to establish a water quality baseline prior to drilling.